Light installation and participatory creative event at NaiMo – Nachbarschaftstreff im Moselviertel.

Film Evening: No Place Like Home. Return Films in Southeastern Europe at the International Academic Week 2022 “Return Migration and its Consequences in Southeastern Europe” in Tutzing.

Screening and Q&A of Imprinted at Jena University during the Hybrid Workshop “Semiotic Landscapes in Multilingual Border Regions” in Cooperation with the Institute for Balkan Studies of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Art.

Production of visuals and poster for Wir erinnern! 3.0 – Die dritte Generation erzählt seminar at the Humboldt University with OASA – Organisation der Albanischen Studierenden und Alumni e.V..

Workshop and exhibition I Nature in collaboration with GlaugAIR


Longing Belonging, Exhibit your Feelings by BarLin at GlogauAIR

Screening and Q&A of Empty Desert at the Second Sunday Culture Films organized by the Penn Museum, in collaboration with CLALS University of Pennsylvania, the Middle East Center, and AL Bustan.

IN-FECTME-AF-FECTME Creative Workshop by BarLin at the national convention of Rete Donne e.V. in Hamburg “Ripartenze. Le donne, la crisi, impatto e riscatto” 

Visits with Art professionals: Linda Paganelli and Barbara Bernardi at GlogauAIR

Visual Anthropology, Borders and Migration in Digital Times at Viadrina Center B/ORDER IN MOTION summer school, Viadrina University

Research Lab, Transsectoral DigitalLab: (Dis-)Assembling the (Post-)Digital Social at Viadrinicum summer school, Viadrina University

Documentary Workshop at The Visual House


Team Work in Art at GlogauAIR with Georgina Pretto, Sofie Løvereide, Olja Koslova, Alexandra Nowicky

The Relationship between Filmmaker and Subject at Film Arche

Longing for Home at Frauenzentrum Schokofabrik e.V. with Barbara Bernardi, RDB e.V., DaMigra e.V.

Documentary Filmmaking Workshop at the Berlin Film Community


Part of the board at RoDocs in the Astra Film Festival in Romania

TRANSLATIONS at the Berlin Film Community with Snežana Stanković


Filmmaking and Visual Art at the International Academy of Art Palestine

Art in Anthropology – Ethnographies on the Move of People in Queer, Gender and Feminist Studies, at LOVA International Summer School, University of Amsterdam

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