Linda Paganelli is an Italian artist, visual anthropologist, and creative experimental film director based in Berlin. She specialized in Visual Anthropology following a Master’s Degree at Goldsmiths and since then she has worked in conflict zones like Afghanistan, Middles East, Western Balkans, and on sensitive issues in Europe, combining visual art, filmmaking, and anthropology. Her works have been selected at many international film and art festivals, galleries, and conferences. She worked, since 2010, as a Freelancer on short and long documentaries for TVs, production companies, magazines online, NGO campaigns, art galleries, universities, and newspapers online.

She works mainly with participatory visual art, site-specific art, documentaries and mixed media. Her topics concern mainly (post)war countries, belonging, death, eco-grief, and gender. Her approach is inclusive and has its foundations in an anthropological decolonial, queer * feminist, and migrant perspective.

She collaborates in Berlin regularly with Humboldt University, Viadrina University (Frankfurt Oder), GlogauAIR, ReteDonne* Berlin e.V., and DaMigra Dachverband der Migrantinnenorganisationen.

She is also co-managing the Berlin Independent Film Community together with Alex DePew, which counts over 15.5K members.

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