Linda Paganelli is an Italian artist, visual anthropologist, and creative experimental film director based in Berlin. She specialized in Visual Anthropology following a Master Degree at Goldsmiths and since then she has worked in conflict zones like Afghanistan, Middles East, Balkans, and on sensitive issues in Europe, combining visual art, filmmaking, and anthropology. Her works have been selected at many international film and art festivals, galleries, and conferences. She worked, since 2010, as Freelance on short and long documentaries for TVs, production companies, magazines online, NGOs campaigns, art galleries, universities, and newspaper online.

She works mainly with participatory visual art, site-specific art, documentaries and mixed media. Her topics concern mainly (post)war countries, belonging, death, eco-grief, and gender. Her approach is inclusive and has its foundations in an anthropological decolonial, queer * feminist, and migrant perspective.

In 2021 Linda worked as facilitator at Viadrinicum summer school “Transsectoral DigitalLab: (Dis-)Assembling the (Post-)Digital Social” and curated an exhibition at Viadrina Museum called WE NEED TO LEARN TO REST WHILE MOVING

She also worked as mentor at “Borders and Migration in Digital Times” Summer School of the Viadrina Center B/ORDERS IN MOTION.

BarLin made an itinerant installation called “Macht sichbar*” in collaboration with DaMigra e.V. and the Bezirksamt of Neukölln.

Linda also won a Kulturtransfer project Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung call in collaboration with Dr. Lumnije Jusufi and Humboldt University for a documentary about cultural transfer by Albanian migrants from Germany “Spuren deutscher Kultur in Kosovo und Mazedonien”.

In 2020 BarLin won a call for the Bezirk Neukölln, in collaboration with DaMigra e.V., and sponsored by ReteDonne e.V., RDB e.V., and BVG with the project “Neukölln ist auch mein Platz!”.

In 2019, she created a duo together with Barbara Bernardi called BarLin which won a call for a project in Kreuzberg “Longing for Home”.

In 2019, she also won a DAAD call in collaboration with Snežana Stanković and with funds of the German Federal Foreign Office, Viadrina Center B/ORDERS IN MOTION, European University Viadrina. The film has been selected at 10 festivals so far.

She was selected for a pitch market at the AstraLab in Romania with the project “Don’t be Afraid”.

In 2019 “Journey of Waves” has been selected at Al Ard film festival (Italy), RAI film festival (UK), Lisbon CLE Biennial Conference 2019 Cultural Literacy & Cosmopolitan Conviviality, Cairo International Women’s Film Festival in Lebanon, Poznan IUAES 2019 Inter-Congress “World Solidarities”, and Nazra Palestine Short Film Festival.

In 2018 she was part of the board at the DocTank in Astra film festival.

She was also invited to show “Journey of Waves” at the Creative Image 2018 (UK) an international conference on visual anthropology and arts.

In 2017 she won the visual art competition “Un’opera per l’italiano dell’anno” in Berlin with a series of pictures called “Painting Palestinian Queer”.

She has received an honourable mention at AbilityFest 2017 with “DisAbility”.

“Empty Desert” has been taken as part of many collections of anthropological university libraries (Columbia University, Goldsmiths, Exeter, Birmingham, SOAS, Graduate Institute CH, Ben Gurion University, and Brown University).

In 2016 she received honourable mentions at festivals like ‘The Other Film Festival’ (Australia) for the short documentary “DisAbility”, and ‘Ekurhuleni international film festival’ (South Africa), ‘Toronto Palestine Film Festival’ (Canada), ‘Al Ard’ (Italy), and ‘The Resistance International Film Festival’ (Iran) for her long documentary “Empty Desert”.

Her video about the artist Larissa Sansour ‘Creating a Palestinian State with Science Fiction’ has been selected to accompany Larissa Sansour exhibition and her new film “In The Future They Ate From The Finest Porcelain” in Nottingham.

In 2015 she was invited to the ‘Venice Experimental Video and Performance Art Festival’ (Italy) for her visual art project “The Mind’s Eye”.

In 2010 she received a special mention at the ‘Terra di Tutti Film Festival’, (Italy) for her short movie “Nameless”.

She took part in a video research about the effect of diaspora on Latin American teenagers living in London called ‘Irmo’ which was selected at the ‘Refugee Film Festival’ (UK).

In 2009 her short movie “Ethnoscape”, which is now part of the collection in the Romanian Institute for Research on National Minorities, was selected as visual anthropologist student at the ‘Astra Film Festival’ (Romania).

She collaborates in Berlin regularly with Humboldt University, Viadrina University (Frankfurt Oder), ReteDonne* Berlin e.V., and DaMigra Dachverband der Migrantinnenorganisationen.

She is also co-managing the Berlin Independent Film Community together with Alex DePew, which counts over 12.3K members.

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