Barbara Bernardi & Linda Paganelli

Participatory visual art

We are two Italian artists based in Berlin. We work mainly with participatory visual art and site-specific art. Our approach is inclusive and has its foundations in a decolonial, queer * feminist, and migrant perspective. We aim to engage creatively participants of every age, gender, status, ethnicity, and creed to generate a community healing artistic practice.


Creative workshop and exhibition (2022)

What is (my) nature? Is it a place, a connection, a state of mind?  How is my relationship with either the wilder landscape or with its little appearances in the urban contest? 

With this workshop, BarLin invites you to explore nature within yourself and how you resonate with it. It is a journey of creativity to discover your relationship with nature and to express it in a piece of art. 


Online Exhibition at Polyrama – Museum für Lebensgeschichten (2021-2022)

How can we deal with homesickness, migration, identity, the need for connection, groundedness, and discomfort and translate them into an image?


Exhibition (2021)

The Exhibition“(Be)longing” is the outcome of the 3 weeks workshop LONGING-BELONGING with non and professional artists mentored by BarLin in collaboration with GlogauAIR. We explored the feelings and the practices around the sense of (be)longing as a contestable and fragile dimension.


Live-stream installation (2020-2021)

A social-positive-creative act to become the protagonist of your living space. All individuals – regardless of gender, age, cultural background, and origin – are called to take part in a creative act of appropriation of the district. This artistic call is directed in particular at disadvantaged people who, for various reasons, do not feel that they belong to the place in which they live.


Itinerant installation (2021)

Macht sichtbar* is an itinerant light installation designed to encourage women* to be visible. It is a request to acknowledge the violence against women, to become aware of it, and to take responsibility. The light invites women to show themselves and to see their power.


Workshop & Exhibition (2019)

The workshop consists of a creative journey to explore home nostalgia. As migrant women, we share the feeling of either having left something behind or lacking something we can’t find to feel at home here and now. The participants will be empowered by expressing their feelings, sharing their stories, and elaborating on them artistically. The process ends with videos, mixed media possibilities, drawings, installations, and sculptures.


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